Jilin Vacome Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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Jilin Vacome Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., located at 3088 Changji South Line, Er’dao Zone, Changchun City, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development and production of biological vaccines. Vacome covers 50,000 square meters with the biological workshop, central laboratory and animal laboratory.  

Since its foundation in October, 2001, Vacome focuses on the research and application of the mass and high density of cell culture technology. Rabies vaccine (Vero cell) for human use is the first vaccine approved by National Medical Products Administration that adopting mass and high density cell culture technology, and Vacome is the second company which master the microcarrier cell culture technology to produce Rabies vaccine (Vero cell)for human use in domestic market. Vacome got the GMP certificate in August, 2001 (Certification No.:I4299).

Rabies Vaccine (Vero cell) for human use is the prevention biological product, after vaccination, the body’s immune-activity against rabies virus can be generated. Our Rabies Vaccine (Vero cell) adopts the method of microcarrier to prepare the bulk of virus and the method of bioreactor to prepare the rabies vaccine. By integrating the suspension and adherent culture, it has the advantages of these two cultures, which simplify the monitoring and controlling of environment factors in cell production, own good reproducibility and stability of cultural system, improve the virus titer, and with high potency, all these factors has reached the international advanced level.

Public Information as Vaccines Administration Law of PRC 

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